Mobile Applications

Mina Locator (for Android users) & Hajj Navigator (for Apple iPhone users)  are very useful Apps for pilgrims and Pakistan Hajj Volunteers Group (PHVG) field staff. Through these Apps users can identify the route to different Camps (Maktabs), Train Stations, Mosques, Hospitals, PHVG Posts and other important locations in Mina with the reference of your current location.

New version of Mina Locator App for Android system and Hajj Navigator App for iOS system ( iPhone) are available now. In these new versions all information of  Pakistan Hujjaj Buildings in Makkah Al Mukarramah ( for 2017) are updated according to the details provided by Pakistan Hajj Mission.

Please download the apps using following links;

1. Mina Locator @ Google play store
2. Hajj Navigator @ Apple Store.